• Benefits of Chiropractic Care in the Workplace

    Let’s face it – work can be stressful. You have deadlines to meet, sticky notes covering your computer, and a workload that’s piling up on your desk. All of this added stress is not good for your health. Whether you’re heavy lifting or sitting at a computer for a prolonged period of time, you’re creating... Read more »

  • Adapting to Life’s Stress

    Stress is a natural part of life and unfortunately, there is no way to completely get rid of stress. In fact, the American Institute of Stress and Palmer College of Chiropractic stated that three-fourths of Americans regularly endure the physical symptoms of stress, and one-third of Americans categorize their stress levels as “extreme”. That means... Read more »

  • Correcting the Cause

    In life, when an issue arises, figuring out what caused the problem is a top priority. Unfortunately, it is often hard to not focus on the symptoms. For example, if the foundation of your house is off, your windows might not shut and your doors might not close. You don’t need new doors or need... Read more »