Let’s face it – work can be stressful. You have deadlines to meet, sticky notes covering your computer, and a workload that’s piling up on your desk. All of this added stress is not good for your health.

Whether you’re heavy lifting or sitting at a computer for a prolonged period of time, you’re creating harmful effects to your musculoskeletal system and putting stress on your nervous system. However, these effects could be alleviated through regular chiropractic care. Regular chiropractic adjustments will not only relieve you of any discomfort that you may be experiencing, but it also creates many benefits for your workplace.

How Employees Benefit:

Everyone likes to feel like they are being recognized, especially in a work setting. Therefore, when an employee’s manager makes an effort to prioritize them and their well-being the employee morale and productivity rises. One way that manager’s can show that they care about their employees is by investing in their health. Chiropractic care utilizes specific scientific techniques to elminate nerve interference which helps alleviate everything from pain and discomfort to seasonal allergies and high blood pressure. Chiropractic adjustments can be used to help many of the same health concerns as traditional medical treatments, but with a fraction of the time and money invested in traditional medical treatments.

How Employers Benefit:

As an employer, you want to protect your most valuable resources. Your employees. When employees receive regular chiropractic care they experience an overall improvement in their health. They will feel rejuvenated and ready to work. Employers who invest in chiropractic care for their employees will experience an increased rate of productivity and efficiency, lower rates of absenteeism due to illness or injury, and reduced medical costs. Each of these are benefits that improve the company’s morale, lowers employee turnover rates, and reduces costs for the business.

A research study was conducted at Anheuser-Busch brewing company in Peoria, Illinois studying the impact of chiropractic care on their employees. The authors of the study reported that “In the two years since it was implemented, the number of employee sick days has declined by 22 percent, while the accident rate has been cut in half. Consequently, the company’s workers’ compensation costs have experienced a dramatic reduction, with premiums declining by more than 25 percent.” This study shows that company’s that invest in the overall wellness of their employees by using chiropractic care benefit from increased levels of productivity and job satisfaction and decreased costs for healthcare. In the end, it’s really a win-win situation for, both, the employee and the employer.