Feeling vs. Function

Many people have a misconception that they can go to a chiropractor when they’re in pain, get adjusted, have their problems “fixed,” and never go back again, all the while being “healthy” because they’re not in pain. While you can go to a chiropractor for pain management, there is a reason that countless individuals go get adjusted week after week, month after month, and year after year. While they likely feel better due to their regular chiropractic visits, they know that maintaining optimal health through chiropractic care is not just about how they feel. Rather, it’s about how their body functions.

Everything these days tends to be hyper-focused on emotions and how you feel about any given thing. But we all know that feelings are inconsistent, unreliable, and often times irrelevant. Just consider one of the many stories you’ve likely heard about apparently healthy individuals getting a cancer diagnosis. Their feelings told them they were healthy and nothing was wrong, but their body’s function was hardly healthy and was instead incredibly dysfunctional.

Why is Feeling vs. Function important?

Just like a dentist can detect a cavity before you can see it, or like a biopsy can detect cancer before you have any symptoms, a chiropractor can identify issues in the spine and central nervous system before you feel any pain or experience any indication that something is wrong. Chiropractors are experts on the central nervous system and spine, including all your nerves, which are connected to all of your organs and body functions. The human body consists of over 41 miles of nerves, and a mere 18% of those nerves can feel pain. So the idea that a lack of pain means a lack of disease is absolutely incorrect. You want to be healthy, not just pain-free, right?

Maybe you do have pain or symptoms or general discomfort. You feel like something is wrong, so you take a pill or get a shot or have some surgery. The pain may go away, but does that mean you are healthy? Health is the absence of disease, not the absence of feeling bad. Most medical solutions to health problems don’t actually correct the problem. Instead, they cover up the symptoms or introduce something synthetic to apparently help your body function better, but instead, they often result in scary side effects and create more problems in the long run.

How do I achieve optimal function and health?

The end goal of life and chiropractic care is optimal body function. Neurologically Based Chiropractic strives to remove nerve interference throughout your body, improve brain to body communication, and bring about actual health—not just an absence of symptoms.

Dr. Shane is a neurologically-based chiropractor in Lincoln, Nebraska who is committed to providing you and your family with the best chiropractic care. He and his team strive to educate each of their practice members and help them achieve optimal body function through specific scientific chiropractic adjustments. When you’re ready to take the next step toward renewed health, check out our special offers page.

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